Publications with Sylvie Cossette 
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Articles in journal or book chapters
  1. José Côté, Sylvie Cossette, Pilar Ramirez-Garcia, Alexandra De Pokomandy, Catherine Worthington, Marie-Pierre Gagnon, Patricia Auger, François Boudreau, Joyal Miranda, Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc, and Cécile Tremblay. Evaluation of a Web-based Tailored Intervention (TAVIE en santé) to Support People Living with HIV in the Adoption of Health Promoting Behaviours: an Online Randomized Controlled Trial Protocol. BMC Public Health (BMC), 15(1042), October 2015. [Text ] Keyword(s): Topic: VIHTAVIE, Venue: BMC.

Conference articles
  1. José Côté, Sylvie Cossette, Pilar Ramirez-Garcia, Geneviève Rouleau, Patricia Auger, François Boudreau, Marie-Pierre Gagnon, and Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc. A Web-based Nursing Tailored Intervention to Support Health Behaviour Change among People Living with HIV: Development and Demonstration of TAVIE en santé. In Susan Michie and Anne Blandford, editors, Proceedings of the 3rd UCL Centre for Behaviour Change Digital Health Conference (DHC), February 2017. University College London Press. Note: Poster. 1 pages. [Slides ] Keyword(s): Topic: VIHTAVIE, Venue: DHC.

  2. José Côté, Geneviève Rouleau, Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc, Gaston Godin, Pilar Ramirez-Garcia, Annick Hernandez, Géraldine Martorella, and Sylvie Cossette. Virtual Nursing Interventions: Tailored Real-Time Support for People Living with a Chronic Health Problem. In Proceedings of the 5th World Congress on Social Media, Mobile Apps, and Internet/Web 2.0 in Health, Medicine and Biomedical Research (Medicine 2.0), September 2012. Medicine 2.0. [Text ] Keyword(s): Topic: VIHTAVIE, Venue: Medicine 2.0.