Some publications by James M. Bieman


Articles in journal or book chapters
  1. James M. Bieman and Byung-Kyoo Kang. Measuring Design-Level Cohesion. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 2:111--124, February 1998. Note: Http://

  2. Byung-Kyoo Kang and James M. Bieman. Design-level Cohesion Measures: Derivation Comparison and Applications. Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC 96), pp 92--97, August 1996. Note: Http:// bieman/Pubs/compsac96.pdf.

Conference articles
  1. James M. Bieman, Roger Alexander, P. Willard Munger III, and Erin Meunier. Software Design Quality: Style and Substance. In Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Software Quality, March 2001. ACM Press. [WWW ]

  2. James M. Bieman, Dolly Jain, and Helen J. Yang. OO Design Patterns, Design Structure, and Program Changes: An Industrial Case Study. In Paolo Nesi, editor, Proceedings of the International Conference on Software Maintenance,, pages 580--589, November 2001. IEEE Computer Society. [WWW ]

  3. William B. McNatt and James M. Bieman. Coupling of Design Patterns: Common Practices and Their Benefits. In T.H. Tse, editor, Proceedings of the 25th Computer Software and Applications Conference, pages 574--579, October 2001. IEEE Computer Society Press. [WWW ]

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