Some publications by Mel Ó Cinnéide


Articles in journal or book chapters
  1. Mel Ó Cinnéide and Paddy Nixon. Composite Refactorings for Java Programs. Proceedings of the ECOOP workshop on Formal Techniques for Java Programs, 2000.

Conference articles
  1. Mel Ó Cinnéide. Automated Refactoring to Introduce Design Patterns. In Jeff Magee and Mauro Pezzè, editors, Proceedings of the ICSE Doctoral Workshop, June 2000. [WWW ] Keyword(s): Design Patterns.

  2. Mel Ó Cinnéide and Paddy Nixon. Automated Application of Design Patterns to Legacy Code. In Ana M. D. Moreira and Serge Demeyer, editors, Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Object-Oriented Technology, pages 176--120, June 1999. Springer-Verlag. [WWW ] Keyword(s): Design Patterns.

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