Some publications by James O. Coplien


Books and proceedings
  1. James O. Coplien. Software Patterns. SIGS Publications, 1st edition, June 1996. [WWW ] Keyword(s): Design Patterns.

  2. James O. Coplien. Advanced C++ Programming Styles and Idioms. Addison-Wesley, 1st edition, August 1991. [WWW ]

Articles in journal or book chapters
  1. James O. Coplien. Reevaluating the Architectural Metaphor: Toward Piecemeal Growth. IEEE Software, 16(5):40--44, September/October 1999.

  2. James O. Coplien. Software Design Patterns: Common Questions and Answers. In Linda Rising, editor, The Patterns Handbook: Techniques, Strategies, and Applications, pages 311--320. Cambridge University Press, January 1998. [WWW ] Keyword(s): Design Patterns.

  3. James O. Coplien. Idioms and Patterns as Architectural Literature. IEEE Software Special Issue on Objects, Patterns, and Architectures, 14(1):36--42, January 1997. Keyword(s): Design Patterns.

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