Some publications by Welf Lowe


Conference articles
  1. Niklas Pettersson and Welf Lowe. Efficient and Accurate Software Pattern Detection. In Proceedings of the XIII Asia Pacific Software Engineering Conference, Washington, DC, USA, pages 317--326, 2006. IEEE Computer Society.

  2. Dirk Heuzeroth, Welf Löwe, and Stefan Mandel. Generating Design Pattern Detectors from Pattern Specifications. In 18th IEEE International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE) 2003, 2003. IEEE.

  3. Dirk Heuzeroth, Thomas Holl, and Welf Löwe. Combining Static and Dynamic Analyses to Detect Interaction Patterns. In Hartmut Ehrig, Bernd J. Krämer, and Atila Ertas, editors, Proceedings the 6th world conference on Integrated Design and Process Technology, June 2002. Society for Design and Process Science. [WWW ]

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