Some publications by Walcélio Melo


Articles in journal or book chapters
  1. Khaled El-Emam, Saida Benlarbi, Nishith Goel, Walcello Melo, Hakim Lounis, and Shesh N. Rai. The Optimal Class Size for Object-Oriented Software: A Replicated Study. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 28(5):494--509, June 2002.

  2. Houari A. Sahraoui, Hakim Lounis, Walcélio Melo, and Hafedh Mili. A Concept Formation Based Approach to Object Identification in Procedural Code. Automated Software Engg., 6(4):387--410, 1999.

Internal reports
  1. Forrest Shull, Walcélio Melo, and Victor R. Basili. An Inductive Method for Discovering Design Patterns from Object-Oriented Software Systems. Technical report CS-TR-3597, Computer Science Department, University of Maryland, January 1996. [WWW ] Keyword(s): Design Patterns.

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