Some publications by Andrew Walenstein


  1. Andrew Walenstein. Cognitive Support in Software Engineering Tools: A Distributed Cognition Framework. PhD thesis, School of Computing Science, Simon Fraser University, May 2002. [WWW ]

Conference articles
  1. Andrew Walenstein. Observing and Measuring Cognitive Support: Steps Toward Systematic Tool Evaluation and Engineering. In Rainer Koschke and Ken Wong, editors, Proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on Program Comprehension, pages 185--194, May 2003. IEEE Computer Society Press. [WWW ]

  2. Andrew Walenstein. Foundations of Cognitive Support: Toward Abstract Patterns of Usefulness. In Peter Forbrig, Quentin Limbourg, Bodo Urban, and Jean Vanderdonckt, editors, Proceedings of the 14th Conference of Design, Specification, and Verification of Interactive Systems, pages 133--147, June 2002. Springer-Verlag. [WWW ]

  3. Arthur Tateishi and Andrew Walenstein. Applying Traditional Unix Tools during Maintenance: An Experience Report. In Françoise Balmas and Kostas Kontogiannis, editors, Proceedings of the 7th Working Conference on Reverse Engineering, pages 203--206, November 2000. IEEE Computer Society Press. [WWW ]

  4. Andrew Walenstein. Developing the Designer's Toolkit with Software Comprehension Models. In David F. Redmiles and Bashar Nuseibeh, editors, Proceedings of the 13th international conference on Automated Software Engineering, pages 310--313, October 1998. IEEE Computer Society Press. [WWW ]

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