Some publications by Albert Zündorf


Conference articles
  1. Ralf Kollmann, Petri Selonen, Eleni Stroulia, Tarja Systä, and Albert Zündorf. A Study on the Current State of the Art in Tool-Supported UML-Based Static Reverse Engineering. In Liz Burd and Arie van Deursen, editors, Proceedings of the 9th Working Conference on Reverse Engineering, pages 22--33, October 2002. IEEE Computer Society Press. [WWW ]

  2. Jörg Niere, Jörg P. Wadsack, and Albert Zündorf. Recovering UML Diagrams from Java Code Using Patterns. In Jens H. Jahnke and Conor Ryan, editors, Proceedings of the 2nd workshop on Soft Computing Applied to Software Engineering, pages 89--97, February 2001. Springer-Verlag. [WWW ] Keyword(s): Design Patterns.

  3. Jens H. Jahnke, Wilhelm Schäfer, and Albert Zündorf. Generic Fuzzy Reasoning Nets as a Basis for Reverse Engineering Relational Database Applications. In Mehdi Jazayeri, editor, Proceedings of the 6th European Software Engineering Conference, pages 193--210, September 1997. ACM Press. [WWW ]

  4. Jens H. Jahnke and Albert Zündorf. Rewriting Poor Design Patterns by Good Design Patterns. In Serge Demeyer and Harald C. Gall, editors, Proceedings the 1st ESEC/FSE workshop on Object-Oriented Reengineering, September 1997. Distributed Systems Group, Technical University of Vienna. Note: TUV-1841-97-10. [WWW ] Keyword(s): Design Patterns.

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